Wednesday, August 27, 2008

die("Hello world");

Hi all! 
Here I would like to share some articles about web technologies -read PHP5, symfony, Propel, Javascript, Action Script, etc.-. 
Also, from time to time, I will pretend that I'm a geek with actual life posting about my adventures in Shanghai, China and life itself, like asking a chinese taxi driver to take you to Shan Shi Lu and not to Shaan Xi Lu.
Don't expect to much, the title of the blog speaks by itself, so beware of my YAB. 
As for the first obvioushint, keep in mind that a die("Hello World") is ten times faster than echo "Hello World", so don't be confused by those who try to teach you programming with bad, computer cycles consuming, examples... (Code stress tested with Apache JMeter, so I know what I'm talking about - fancy graph coming soon-).
die("See ya!");

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