Wednesday, October 1, 2008

FireSymfony - First release is out

I'm happy to announce the release of both the FireSymfony extension for Firebug and the firesymfonyPlugin for symfony.

The extension can be downloaded from the mozilla add ons web site. The symfony plugin is available as a pear package from the framework plugins website.

So those that live on the edge can start testing this plugin.

I also created a google group where you can provide feedback and request new features, as well as have some discussions about it.

In a future post I will provide more details about upcoming features and roadmap.

Some screenshots:


Anonymous said...


Nice extension! BUT:

I installed everything according to your README. So I installed the plugin and changed the factories.yml.

result was:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function json_encode() in /var/www/ on line 60

Kiril Angov said...

Prototyp, you need to compile PHP with '--enable-json' in order to remove this error. It is not a problem of the plugin in this case.

Alvaro Videla said...

@prototyp and @kupokomapa - I will add a note on the README so the users now that they should have support for JSON on php.

sgwd said...

Hi ALvaro,

your extension is great

thanks you from Argentina

Alvaro Videla said...

@sqwd gracias por el apoyo :) yo soy uruguayo. Saludos por ahí.