Thursday, October 9, 2008

FireSymfony to support WebKit

Some nights ago I downloaded the last version of WebKit and discovered inside the really cool new WebInspector, which I also saw came bundled with Google Chrome and is supposed to be included in futures releases of Safari.

I read on the WebKit blog that the inspector is written in Javascript, so I decided to dig inside and see what could be done to extend it... 

I discovered a neat code design that is virtually waiting there to be extended. The structure is easy to follow and is almost plug and play. With almost I mean that at this time there is a little hacking to do to plug something in, but anyway it looks promising. 

To state a proof of concept I ported parts of FireSymfony to Web Inspector as you can see in the screenshot below.

My idea is to continue the improvement of FireSymfony for both browser families because besides the neat interface of Web Inspector I think it will became a key tool for web page debugging since it is included on Chrome and probably on a future release of Safari.

Also after I get more experience on extending Web Inspector I plan to post some tutorials on how to do it.

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