Monday, October 13, 2008

New Version of FireSymfony - New Features & Improvements

The last week has been a good one for the project, along with new cool features arrives also the news that the project will be supported by the company I work for -TheNetCircle-. 
This means that they will provide hosting for the soon to be released  official project web site and blog and that I can pick from time to time some hours to write some docs for the project or work on a specific feature. That doesn't means that I won't keep working on the extension on my free time at home... It means that now I have more reasons to go on and keep improving this project.   

About what's new on this release...

Cache Panel

If you access your website on the dev environment with the new version of the extension you will notice that there is no cache information displayed on the page. That's because I removed all the information divs added by symfony and placed them inside a Cache Panel on FireSymfony. What does this means? In that panel you will see a table displaying on each row all the cache information of a given partial: lifetime, last modification time, and cache key. If you roll over a row then the cached partial will be highlighted on the page just the same way FireBug highlights elements when you are inspecting your web page.  For more information about it check this page: CacheTab.

Database Panel

When you access this panel you will see what looks like a normal symfony web debug toolbar database panel -wow that's a mouth full- but if you click on any of the displayed queries, then it will get copied to the clipboard, so you can go and paste it for debugging on your SQL client of choice.  

New Splash Page with Logo

Thanks to the work of Olaf Horstmann the splash page of the extension has a new and fresh look. You can check by yourself.

Small Improvements

I also added some small improvements to the user interface. Now the panels switching buttons show the state, so you wont get lost guessing in which panel are you. I refactored the code and fixed bugs. 
On the symfony plugin side I added a fsNoJsonException that will be thrown in case there is no json_encode support on the server. Also now the json object is called FireSymfonyDebugData to avoid javascript namespace clashing. So in this version you also need to upgrade the plugin.

As you can read here I was also playing on how to port the extension to the cool WebKit Web Inspector, so soon there will be a version for that browser family too -that includes Google Chrome and Safari-.


Pablo Sande said...

Interesante! Sobre todo la parte de resaltar los partials! Vamos a probarlo...

Saludos desde Uruguay!

Alvaro Videla said...

Saludos por ahi. Ya te leiste todos los libros que te deje?? :)

Pablo Sande said...

Of course! Agradecido! Suerte por ahi!

Saludos! Y metele con el plugin!