Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meeting With Francesco Cesarini and the ECUG

Last week I was invited by the Erlang China User Group to meet Francesco Cesarini from Erlang Solutions who was in Shanghai. Since he's the author of the Erlang Programming book by O'Reilly this was an amazing opportunity to learn more about Erlang from someone with real world experience in the field.

The guys from the ECUG picked up a nice Chinese restaurant where we shared our experience about Erlang from our several points of view.

I had my share of questions about topics such as Riak, Mnesia, RabbitMQ, Ejabberd and what not. It was nice to learn how big the Erlang world is in the enterprise, how is it used for serious matters such as banking, item traceability, and of course all the other features of Erlang, like reliability, performance, etc.

One important topic in which we all agreed was how the language gap between English and Chinese produces two phenomena that can slow down Erlang in becoming popular in China and at the same time keeps the rest of the world unaware of what Chinese companies are doing with Erlang.

Luckly this will start to change since the Erlang Programming book is about to be released in Chinese and the guys from the ECUG are translating some of Erlang documentation to Chinese.

Besides that I plan to give my 2 cents by writting some blog posts in english about the Erlang movement here in China. Also we have talked with the guys from the ECUG to have some Conferences about RabbitMQ and other Erlang products that we use at the company I work for.

To end my post I'd like to share a couple of pictures from our meeting:

Xihe Yu with Francesco Cesarini

The gang with Francesco Cesarini


alexis said...

Alvaro, feel free to invite some of us from rabbitmq to visit you some time too ;-)


Alvaro said...

Hi, I will love to, but Francesco came to Shanghai for his own business and then the ECUG organized a meeting where I got invited that very same day

Zaiming said...

the world, or more precisely, the virtual world on the internet is so small that I followed a chain of a few links, and surprisingly came across your blog.
FYI, I got the link to your blog from http://blog.krzycube.net/erl-meet-shanghai-feb04-2010/.

all the best,
Zaiming @ Singapore

Alvaro said...

Hey, it's been so long!, Nice to hear from you. Yep, sometimes the world is really small :)